"...It felt like all of Heaven and Earth stood still."


      I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on Brelyn Mya Freeman. Looking back, it felt like all of heaven and earth stood still in that moment. That day at the Grand Ole Opry hotel I had an encounter with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. My swag was operating at full capacity and I knew that she was thinking the same about me. After introducing myself we had a brief conversation, and I could see that she was just as beautiful on the inside. I was in awe by how well she carried herself. I remembered thinking “beauty and brains”…. just like my mama. (hahaha). Soon after, I started working with the music department once a week at Brelyn’s father’s church, Spirit of Faith Christian Center. Although Breeze (Brelyn) was in no way involved with the music ministry, she found a way to make every single rehearsal. During that 4 month time we became very good friends. She was “THE ONE”. I found someone that honored God, her parents, and herself.

      Not long after that, I found myself back on a plane to Maryland. This time I was on a different mission. My purpose was to ask Dr. Mike Freeman (Brelyn’s father) for permission to date her. Talk about being nervous…I remember that day it like it was yesterday, it was roughly a one-hour conversation, riddled with reminders that he owned a gun. (hahaha) I got the green light from Bishop! I felt like the happiest man on earth. I started dating my best friend. Although I live in Michigan and Brelyn lives in Maryland, we always made our relationship work. We found ways to keep it exciting and fresh with surprise visits, weekly iChat dates, and about 1 million dollars spent on edible arrangements and flowers lol.

     On December 23rd, 2014, I found myself on yet another flight to Maryland with another mission. This time I was going to ask Dr. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman for Brelyn’s hand in marriage. I can remember myself sitting on the plane, in a full suit and tie, a diamond ring in my pocket, and thinking…“What if they say no?” Well after a 2 hour meeting (notice the meeting time increased lol) I got the green light once again!!! On December 25th, 2015 I got down on one knee and asked my best friend and the love of my life for her hand in marriage. She said “Yes!” On October 10, 2015 we start our life journey as one. I vow to always keep my sweetheart as happy as she makes me. Together we are going to change the world!!!